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 Raurgbrom's Guide to Woodcutting

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PostSubject: Raurgbrom's Guide to Woodcutting   Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:37 am

Note: This guide is a product of my boredom with no one on anymore, so I doubt any of you will use this guide. But just in case, enjoy!

1 - Hatchets
2 - Familiars
3 - Training
4 - Bird's Nests
5 - Canoes
6 - Evil Trees
7 - Farming

1. Hatchets

Always use the best hatchet you can

Lvl 1: BronzeLvl 6: SteelLvl 21: Mithril
Lvl 31: Adamant
Lvl 40: Sacred Clay or Volatile (p2p)
Lvl 41: Rune
Lvl 61: Dragon or Inferno Adze (p2p)

2. Familiars

The beaver is a familiar that can aid in woodcutting training. It requires 33 summoning to use and will boost your woodcutting level by 2. The beaver will also forage/store 30 planks (regular to oak) and logs (regular to yew). The beaver can also be used as a knife for fletching.

The magpie is a familiar that can earn you some extra money while you chop. It requires 47 summoning to use. The magpie will forage/store 30 uncut gems (sapphire to diamond) and rings (enchanted and unenchanted).

3. Training

This is geared towards xp gain, not money gain

Lvl 1-15: Regular Trees (f2p/p2p)
The best place to chop these trees is just south of the Grand Exchange. They can be easily fletched, burned, dropped, or banked. After this, proceed to oak trees.

Lvl 15-30: Oak Trees (f2p/p2p)
The best place to chop these trees is south of the Varrock west bank. They can easily be They can be easily be burned, dropped, or banked. After this, proceed to willow trees.

Lvl 30-68/99: Willow Trees (f2p/p2p)
There are several places to chop willow trees. I prefer the Daemonheim resource dungeon, requiring 30 dungeoneering to enter. There are many willow and maple trees in here. It is also the only place in the f2p world that maple trees can be chopped. Another good place is in between Rimmington and Port Sarim. The logs can easily be dropped or burned. You can chop willows near the Draynor Bank, but it's often crowded. Free players should do willows all the way to 99. Members should proceed to choking ivy.

Lvl 68-99: Choking Ivy (p2p)
There are several places to chop ivy. I prefer the south Falador wall as is it is easily reached by the cabbage port, accessed from the Explorer's ring (3/4). Other places are the north Yanille wall and the east Ardougne church. Stay with this to 99.

4. Bird's Nests

Bird's nests randomly fall out of trees while woodcutting. They can hold seeds, rings, and eggs. The bird's nest itself can be ground using a pestle and mortar and then sold on the Grand Exchange. The chances of receiving a bird's nest is increased by wearing a strung rabbit's foot.

5. Canoes

Canoes are not heard of or used very often due to better transport options. However, they can be useful mainly in the f2p world. There are four different canoes:

Log - requires level 12
Dugout - requires level 27
Stable dugout - requires level 42
Waka - requires level 57

6. Evil Trees

Evil trees can be a fun distraction from the rigorous training of woodcutting. They pop up every few hours. The easiest way to reach them is through the spirit tree located in the north-east corner of the Grand Exchange, this requires completion of the quest, Tree Gnome Village. There are seven different types of evil trees:

Normal Evil Tree - requires level 1
Evil Oak Tree - requires level 15
Evil Willow Tree - requires level 30
Evil Maple Tree - requires level 45
Evil Yew Tree - requires level 60
Evil Magic Tree - requires level 75
Evil Elder Tree - requires level 85

7. Farming

Farming can be trained alongside woodcutting believe it or not. Simply do an herb run once you log on and before you log out. You can train another skill this way and make more money.

Pics and more info coming soon! Smile

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Masta Le
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PostSubject: Re: Raurgbrom's Guide to Woodcutting   Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:15 pm

Looks like it'll turn out pretty good. I'd just like to add that from my experience, sacred clay does not help at all due to the fact that in the time it takes to actually obtain the tool, you could gain more xp than the bonus makes up for.

Masta Le
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PostSubject: Re: Raurgbrom's Guide to Woodcutting   Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:46 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Raurgbrom's Guide to Woodcutting   

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Raurgbrom's Guide to Woodcutting
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